Sometimes the restaurant does not operate as smoothly as we would like it to, or it is not feasible to close the restaurant for a profit. There always seems to be something to pay for—bills, salaries, taxes, and there aren't many consumers. This looks unstoppable, and the finish, the conclusion, is already in sight. Any restaurateur feels bad for his creation, no matter what it is.

Crisis manager for restaurant

There is, after all, always a way out. Retrying is a worthy endeavor.
It is a significant challenge for us that you have chosen us in the first place, and we have already risked our reputation a few times, but we have succeeded each time. More than ten projects and more than ten years of experience in the Spanish HORECA sector. Staff with expertise and a methodical approach.
The following algorithm is used for the creation and application of anti-crisis management:
Conclusion of an agreement for the enterprise's trust-based crisis management.
Audit of the business's operational activities or in particular areas.
Management block.
Marketing block.
Management of restaurant personnel.
Production block.
Cost and terms
The scope of the project, its scale, and any conclusions drawn in light of the technical requirements and additional work provided by the client all directly affect the cost and timeline of the task.
Work period: 15 days to 2 months, contingent upon delivery of required paperwork and payment in advance.
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